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reasonsmysoniscrying asked: Hi! I loved that shrimp picture. What name and location can I use? - Greg

Sorry, just seeing this.  Justin, Houma, LA

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Murray the Mummy
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I always wondered what that thumping sound from the nearby pyramid was. Apparently, Murrayhotep, the resident mummy, was busting mad rhymes.

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Mt. Everest has around 200 dead bodies on the mountain. It is nearly impossible for recovery of a body off the mountain. The “death zone” is 26,000 feet. The air there is so thin. Lack of oxygen leaves climber bewildered and weak and can cause them to pass out and get frostbite. Many people lose their lives here. The bodies are left the same as how they died and have even become landmarks for other travellers. The photograph shows a body which has been given the name “green boots” and has been there since 1996.

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